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If you live in Chicago, there are many options to get around the city. There are taxi cabs, city buses, L trains, personal cars, and even walking or cycling to get to your destination. In recent years, Uber has become an alternative to traditional means of transport. Uber allows customers to request rides from rideshare drivers. Uber riders can use an app to request a ride from an Uber driver. 

Uber fares are often cheaper than those of a taxi, and the cars are of better quality. While there are many benefits to traveling by Uber, there are also many risks. As Uber vehicles increase in Chicago, so do the number of accidents involving these cars. Further, so does the number of Uber injuries. 

Our experienced Chicago Uber accident lawyers can help you navigate through the many tactics insurance companies use to avoid liability. As a potential passenger, when you call for an Uber, it’s likely you are not concerned about getting into an accident. You trust that you will get you to your destination safely. When an accident happens, questions of liability and responsibility arise. 

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If you have suffered injuries from an Uber accident contact our injury attorneys today to discuss your compensation options. We are committed to helping injured car accident victims across Illinois. Call us today at (312) 300-2515 or chat with us online, to schedule a free consultation with a Chicago Uber accident lawyer.

What Should I Do After an Uber Accident?

If you have been in an Uber accident, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Safety first. Your driver should move the car away from traffic to a safe area and don’t hesitate to remind them. If it’s not dangerous and you feel well enough, check yourself and others for injuries.
  2. Contact the police. This provides official documentation of the accident, and police will investigate at the scene to determine who is at fault.
  3. Seek medical attention right away for any injuries you incur. Also, file a police report; this will help you if you want to pursue legal action.
  4. Stay at the scene until the police let you know it’s okay to leave. Leaving without talking with the police might lead to criminal charges against you.
  5. Collect evidence. Ask your Uber driver for their details. This should include their name, license number, and insurance information. Also, you should collect information about the other driver as well as any other parties or witnesses to the accident. If possible, take photos of any visible injuries and damages to all vehicles involved. Note when and where the accident took place.
  6. Finally, contact an injury lawyer. If you were injured in the Uber accident, contact a Chicago Uber accident lawyer immediately. They will advise you about your legal options, and what to do.
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What Type of Compensation Can I Get in an Uber Accident Case?

The type of compensation you might get in an Uber injury case is similar to that in other car accidents. After proving the cause of the accident, then you can seek monetary damages for your current and future injuries from the accident. You might recover compensation for:

  • Medical costs for body injuries
  • Physical therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Disability accommodations for your car or home
  • Property damage
  • Medical equipment
  • Car rental fees

Although it’s difficult to determine, you might also recover compensation for intangible losses such as:

  • Disfigurement
  • Emotional suffering
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of full life

For more information on compensation available in Chicago Uber accident claims and lawsuits, contact us for a free case review. An experienced Chicago Uber accident lawyer will be able to help determine the compensation you deserve.

How Much Does Uber Insurance Cover?

Uber insurance covers:

While you are on assignment (including on your way to pick up a passenger):

  • $1 million in personal liability/accident
  • $1 million in underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage
  • Contingent collision/comprehensive coverage (if you are already covered in your personal insurance)

While your app is on but you have no assignments:

  • $50,000 liability per injury/$100,000 liability per accident/$25,000 property damage liability
  • Contingent collision/comprehensive coverage

Uber Growth Statistics in Chicago and Nationally

Today, the ride-share company is valued at $70 billion. Uber was launched in 2009 in San Francisco. And in 2011, it launched its services in Chicago. 

Since then it has become one of the biggest companies globally with operations in multiple countries. Uber offers many products, including peer ride-sharing, ride-hailing, and food service delivery among others. Using an app on your smartphone, you can control the aspects of your ride. Uber has also entered the realm of Chicago personal injury law as people get injured or killed by its vehicles.

  • In the second quarter of 2020, 55 million people used Uber monthly.
  • In 2019, Uber delivered 6.9 billion rides.
  • Every day there are almost 15 million Uber trips.
  • In Chicago, 80% of the time riders travel by themselves as opposed to using the pool feature.
  • Most Uber trips in Chicago cost riders between $5 and $10.
  • Old Town, Gold Coast, River North, and Streeterville are the most popular areas in Chicago for Uber rides with over 3 million pick-ups and drop-offs from November 2018 to April 2019.
  • During the same periods, the United Center area, Fulton Market, and Illinois Medical District had about 1.5 million pick-ups and drop-offs.

Uber Accident Statistics

According to a report by Uber, in 2018:

  • There were 97 Uber accident fatalities.
  • There were 0.57 deaths for every 100 million miles traveled.
  • Over 90% of Uber accidents happened in urban areas, such as Chicago.
  • 30% of fatal Uber accidents involve pedestrians.
  • 2% of accidents involve bicyclists.

As more and more people begin to use ride share options like Uber, the number of accidents will naturally rise. If you have been involved in a ride share accident, contact a knowledgeable Chicago Uber accident lawyer today.

Should I Report the Accident to Uber?

With more people choosing ridesharing to navigate traffic, accidents involving Uber drivers are increasing. This involves passengers in an Uber, as well as other people, including drivers, bicyclists, or pedestrians. 

As a passenger, you can report the accident using the Uber accident form, but you aren’t required to do so. Also, you can report the accident using the help setting on your Uber app. After reporting the accident, Uber will contact using either of these methods. Uber’s insurance company will contact you. Uber offers great insurance cover for its passengers, but will not admit liability automatically.

Are Uber Drivers Contractors or Employees?

Uber drivers are independent contractors. They can decide when to work, and each Driver of Uber owns their car. Typically, an Uber driver clocks into work by turning on their app. This affects terms of liability and insurance coverage at different times and whether the driver is working. 

The California Labor Commissioner maintains that Uber drivers are employees, but Uber insists its drivers are independent contractors. 

Why Uber Injury Cases Differ from Other Chicago Car Accidents

Uber accidents differ from other types of accidents involving private individuals because you’ll have to claim against the driver and Uber itself.

Uber, as an employer of drivers driving cars controlled by technologies, is liable to pay for any resulting injuries. This is a positive factor when recovering the full value of an injury because there are liability policies in place that are more substantial than those involving private driver’s insurance coverage. 

What Accident Victims Need to Know About Uber Collisions

Illinois laws aren’t clear whether Uber vehicles are private cars or taxis. They’re neither, but something in between these categories.

If you’re a victim involved in an Uber crash, it’s essential to know that you still have rights under local and state laws, which means you might be entitled to compensation. From lost income to medical expenses, being a victim of a car accident can be costly. 

Uber is a big company worth billions of dollars; the company offers its drivers with $1 million in liability coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage. In comparison, most ordinary motorists carry only $15,000 in injury liability. 

With that level of Uber auto insurance coverage, it means that people involved in an Uber accident and are not at fault can get complete compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering following an accident. So, it’s essential to contact a Chicago Uber accident lawyer to learn if you’re entitled to help.

Our Chicago Uber accident lawyers will help you determine if you’re entitled to significant compensation if you are in one of the following categories:

  • A motorist or passenger injured in a collision where a ridesharing driver was at fault.
  • A ridesharing driver injured in an incident where another motorist was at fault.
  • An injured passenger in a ridesharing vehicle, regardless of which driver is at fault

How Driver Negligence Contributes to Rideshare Accidents

Although the negligent actions that contribute to Uber accidents are similar to other car accidents, there are a few unique elements. If you have been involved in a crash with an Uber driver, determining the cause of the accident is crucial in building a strong claim to hold them accountable for their actions. 

The following driver negligent actions can contribute to Uber accidents:

  • Speeding. Some Uber drivers may want to make as many pickups as possible in a day to increase their income. And so they may choose to speed to make many trips. Regardless of road conditions and traffic, speeding always increases the possibility of an accident.
  • Distracted Driving. Phones are the biggest distractions for Uber drivers. Because Uber drivers need to use their phones to accept rides, locate the drop-off and pick up points. While they’re allowed to use their phones to do those things; this takes their eyes off the road and can cause an accident.
  • Ignoring Traffic Laws. Similar to speeding, some Uber drivers may try to increase their trips by running red lights, ignoring stop signs, or failing to stay to the right-of-way at intersections.
  • Failure to Service their Car. According to Uber’s policies, it’s the responsibility of drivers to maintain their vehicles. If a driver cannot have their car properly registered or inspected; the chances of getting into an accident are high.
  • Fatigue. When an Uber driver tries to make as much money as possible, they drive while tired to make more trips. Driving while tired is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Can an Injured Pedestrian File a Claim Against Uber’s Insurance Policy?

If an Uber driver was on duty and hit you while you were crossing the street on foot, the third-party liability coverage the company provides should apply. When Uber drivers are on their way to pick up a customer or are actively transporting a paying passenger, they are covered by the company’s $1 million insurance policy.

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How Long Do I Have to File a Car Accident Case in Illinois?

Time plays a crucial role in filing your lawsuit. In Illinois, you have up to two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit and five years to file for property damage. Having a pending insurance claim doesn’t mean you have more time to file a lawsuit. So, it’s crucial to consult with a Chicago car accident lawyer early to evaluate the strength of your claim.

There is no other cap on damages: in 2010, the Illinois cap was found to violate the state’s constitution. 

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