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Large cities have big accidents. Among these, a significantly high proportion is of vehicular accidents and even among that, a big fraction was that of motorcycle accidents. In 2018 alone, about 5000 people died in motorcycle crashes, which is still a decrease from the previous year by 5%! A Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer can help if you were involved in an accident.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident that has left you injured, you can sue the other party for their negligence that caused the accident and the subsequent harm to yourself, your mental health, and your property. You can, with the help of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Illinois, file for damages and recover a handsome amount as financial compensation. 

Most Common Causes for Motorcycle Accidents in Illinois

Motorcycle accidents can host genuine repercussions for the two parties engaged in the accident. Here are the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents. On the off chance that you are a motorcyclist yourself, attempt your best to abstain from making these mistakes, to keep yourself and the other party from being in a possibly deadly position. 

Left Turn Accidents 

Turning left at crossing points is always precarious. Remember if you need to take a left turn, you need to offer a route to the vehicles on a straight trajectory or going right, for it is their right of way. The majority of motorcycle accidents happen because the motorcycle driver believes that he can rapidly make a left turn and get away with it, and rather get hit by different vehicles that were going straight. 

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At roadways and convergences, the circumstances can quickly become lethal, on the grounds that different vehicles are additionally going at great speed limits. Remember street rules and regulations whenever you're making a left turn. 

Head-On Crashes 

Head-on crashes regularly and usually cause casualties of the motorcycle driver and passengers or extremely grave wounds. Head-on crashes happen other vehicles switch paths rapidly without a sign, or stop suddenly. It could likewise be because the motorcyclist was in a hurry and didn't keep up a safe distance from other vehicles.

Moving to Another Lane Without Signaling 

Moving to another lane without warning other vehicles will cause you an accident. Continuously hit the indicator when you need to switch lanes and don't make any unexpected moves. This is additionally valid for vehicles; on the off chance that they switch paths unexpectedly the motorcyclist behind you will most likely be unable to abstain from colliding with you. 

Accidents Due to Speeding

Many times, a motorcycle crash can be easily avoided if all the drivers on the road are driving within the specified speed limits. Speeding is one of the leading causes of road accidents of all sorts and despite several warnings and laws being imposed, people continue to go above the speed limit and cause damage to themselves and to others.

Hazardous Road Conditions 

It isn't essential that a motorcycle accident is always because of the driver’s mistake. Now and then, ominous street conditions have a great influence on the vehicles losing traction and colliding. When this happens, governmental organizations may be considered responsible, because it’s their obligation to maintain the streets and keep them in great condition. 

Other basic reasons for motorcycle accidents in Chicago, Illinois incorporate swerving before a motorcyclist, distracted driving, non-compliance with traffic rules, and driving under the influence, among many others. 

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Establishing Fault in a Motorcycle Accident

In a motorcycle accident, several parties can shoulder equal blame. In spite of the fact that driver mistake is the most well-known reason, it isn't the only one. In a lawsuit, your Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers will explore the particulars of your case, and discover who was genuinely to blame for the accident.

Sometimes, the blame may lie with the other driver who crashed into you, or it might lie with the manufacturer of the motorcycle for approving and selling a vehicle with faulty parts that ultimately caused the accident. 

Police on the scene of a motorcycle accident in Chicago

It is also conceivable that both the parties were partly to blame. In such a case, where both the parties hold equal or part of the blame, the comparative negligence rule comes into play in Illinois. Under this rule, both the parties are apprehended and punished for their due share in the ensuing motorcycle accident.

For example, one party may have been texting while driving, while the other may have been texting. Thus, the accident is caused by both their negligence. 

Employing an accomplished Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer close to you is vital to a successful lawsuit. The attorneys can help you through filing the motorcycle accident lawsuit and directing you on what steps to take to get the maximum possible benefit out of it. 

Types of Injuries Sustained in a Motorcycle Crash

  • Bone cracks: If large or heavy vehicles pin the motorcyclist down during an accident, there is a high possibility of bones breaking and cracking. 
  • Severe head injury: Head injuries to motorcyclists are all too common. Helmets can only do so much, and in severe accidents, even they don’t protect the motorcyclist from extreme head injuries, which can turn deadly if not treated right. 
  • Spinal Cord Wounds: Injuries to the spinal cord influence everything from bodily development to tactile capacities. Spinal cord wounds are intense and may even bring about permanent handicap and numerous medical procedures, alongside long stretches of non-intrusive treatments. 
  • Neck wounds: Neck wounds are regular in practically all car accidents. The 'whiplash' from the effect of colliding with the other vehicle, or braking unexpectedly, can strain muscles in the neck. On the off chance that the motorcyclist is thrown off, and falls at an ungainly edge it can wreck the muscles in your neck. 
  • Brain harm: uncovered heads during an accident can cause deeper wound. If there is an occurrence of injury to the head, the brain may likewise get influenced. A careful clinical examination is urgent to distinguish the extent of the damage. 
  • Disfigurement: Some appendages or facial highlights may sustain everlasting scars because of the accident. A mark over the body or a terrible cut over the face may stay with you forever.
  • Loss of appendages: If wounds to the appendages are extreme, a complete removal might be suggested. On the off chance that your appendages were totally squashed underneath a vehicle, you may be looking at a handicapped life ahead. 
  • Paralysis: Paralysis can happen in the event that nerves in your appendages are harmed. Some body parts may be compromised and you probably won't have the option to do daily activities and chores as before. 

Regardless of whether you think you are alright, you have to get a careful clinical test from the medical clinic to preclude any inward organ harm.

Illinois Helmet Laws

Despite the obvious dangers of a motorcycle crash and the thousands of harrowing cases that come up every year, Illinois still does not have proper helmet laws in place. For a state known to have strict traffic laws, it is nothing short of shocking to realize that motorcycle rider are not obligated, or mandated by law, to wear helmets while riding their bikes. 

Though common sense should deter anybody from going out on a motorcycle without a helmet, and many awareness campaigns do encourage the wearing of motorcycle helmets, the absence of a formal law makes it very hard to ensure that majority of the people take this seriously. 

motorcylcle helmet

Motorcyclists are perhaps the most vulnerable on the roads. Their small vehicle provides them no additional safety, and they are exposed to grave dangers while driving. Most motorcycle accidents do not end well for the motorcyclists. Helmets can prevent serious head and brain injuries, and in some instances, even save a motorcyclist’s life in a crash.

Damages I Can Claim For

You cannot only claim damages for tangible factors, but also intangible ones. Some of the damages that you have the right to claim for, and which are considered in calculating your settlement amount include:

  • Medical expenses: The heavy medical bills of treatment of your injuries and rehabilitation are to be covered by the damages. 
  • Therapy and rehabilitation: Even after the initial hospital treatment some injuries might take months to heal through physical therapy and rehabilitation. 
  • Vehicle or home modifications: alterations around the house and vehicle of the victim may be necessary in case the accident leaves them disabled. 
  • Current and future lost wages: The time the victim spends in treatment, in the hospital, or on recommended bed rest, they cannot go out and earn. The damages must provide financial compensation
  • Loss of earning capacity: Due to the injuries, it might become impossible to continue to work in the same capacity, or at all for the victim. 
  • Repair or replacement of your vehicle: If the victim’s vehicle is damaged in the accident too, the damages must account for repair or replacement vehicle. 
  • Other accident-related expenses: Other expenses include continuous medication bills, nurse or house help to help the victim through the time, etc.
  • Mental anguish: The mental trauma must not be forgotten in all this, and some attempt to make up for the trauma the victim had to go through has to be done. 
  • Loss of Consortium: Losing a parent, spouse, or child doesn’t only have emotional repercussions, but also physical, financial ones. 
  • Pain and Suffering: The pain the victim has to endure all on their own must also be accounted for. 

Your personal injury lawyer can help you with calculating the settlement amount and negotiate the amount to the best of their ability. 

How Long do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

Illinois Statute of Limitations claims that a victim of a motorcycle accident has only 2 years from the time of the accident to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party to hold them accountable and retrieve compensation from them. If this time limit is exceeded, the Statute of Limitations expires, after which the courts may refuse to hear your case except in very exceptional cases. 

Statutes of Limitations differ in different states but for Illinois, the time is set at 2 years. You can ask your Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer to shed more light on the Statute of Limitations and why it is the law.

Every motorcycle accident attorney will advise you to start the legal proceedings immediately, to not risk the culprit getting away with it. If your Statute of Limitations expires, even your lawyer might not be able to help you much. There are a few exceptions to the rule; talk to your Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer regarding it.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident?

In spite of the fact that being associated with an accident is a horrible occurrence, you have to do the accompanying things to guarantee your wellbeing, and afterward to fortify your case 

Visit a Hospital 

Obviously, visiting an emergency clinic and getting an intensive clinical examination done is mandatory in such a case. Regardless of whether you have any outward injuries, allow a specialist to check you for internal damages and wounds. The medical report that the doctors would draft up will help you during the court procedures of your lawsuit later. 

Report the Accident to the Police 

Report the occurrence at the closest police station. The cops will research the case, sweep the area of the accident for information, gather proof and converse with witnesses. They will likewise note down your complaint and make an official report of the accident, which will add value to your case.

Eyewitness articulations 

To speed up the investigation, you yourself can converse with others who saw the accident and note down their contact information. You can pass this information to the police or your Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer who can take much-needed assistance from them. 

Do not talk to anyone

Remember that anything you say can be used against you in court. It is recommended that you do not discuss the accident, or divulge its details to anybody. Refrain from posting about t on social media as well. Make sure that you do not discuss the accidents at all without your Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers' presence or permission.

The at-fault party’s insurance company may try to contact you for a statement, but you must turn them down politely. You are under no obligation to talk to them. If you do so, make sure that your Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer is there with you.

What Can Injury Lawyers Do For You?

Hiring a good Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer is the best thing you can do for yourself if you have been involved in a motorcycle crash. They will investigate the details of the case, gather evidence from the motorcycle accident site, oversee the doctor’s examination of your injuries and negotiate with the defendants to agree on a settlement amount that is fair and acceptable to both parties.

 If you or your loved one have been injured as a result of a motorcycle accident, most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations. They will represent you and assist you in getting your due rights and compensation for the damage, be it physical or mental.

Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers try to work out the details of the case themselves while striving to get you the compensation and justice you deserve.

Free Consultation with a Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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