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While some types of road accidents may lead to minimal damage, truck accidents are much more intense. Apart from accounting for property and vehicle damage, several other factors, such as injuries and emotional trauma that a person may face, are taken into consideration.

If you or your loved ones ever get caught in such a situation, you can and should hire an experienced Chicago truck accident lawyer. At Ktenas Injury Attorneys, we make sure to keep our client's satisfaction on top of everything else. If you are unsure about what to do moving forward, contact us and we will arrange a free consultation session for you with our most aggressive injury attorneys.

About Truck Companies

While there are various reasons why hiring an attorney is the right step after a truck accident, one of them is the nature and background of truck companies. Trying to get the right amount of compensation from a strong opponent like a commercial truck business without a lawyer is not a great idea. Whether it is the truck company, the manufacturers, or any other third-party involved directly or indirectly with the case, it is best to have a truck accident attorney who can talk to them on your behalf.

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Things to do Right After the Incident

While our attorneys will take care of the legalities and ensure that you get the highest possible compensation for your physical and emotional losses, several things need to be taken care of immediately after the accident. We understand that it can be difficult for you to follow all the steps if you get caught in such a situation. If you are not in the right state of mind, do make sure someone accompanies you to take care of the processes so that your case could be made more substantial.

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Police Report

If an accident occurs, someone at the scene of the accident is likely to call the police, so the first thing you need to do is stay there until the police have arrived. You can also call them yourself if needed because the police report will be crucial to your case. Once they have examined the scene and prepared their report, request them to share a copy with you. Additional information about the officer assigned the case can also be helpful. Police Traffic crash reports are available from the Chicago Police Department.

Preservation Letter

Being able to investigate the truck that caused the accident is not always possible. Another important step you need to take right after the accident is to ask for a preservation letter. This way, you will prevent the truck company or its owner from changing the accident records. Deleted evidence from the scene is of no value in court. Hence, make sure to request a preservation letter at your earliest and make your case easier.

Witness Statement

If there were any witnesses present at the scene of the accident, make sure to get in touch with them. However, these witnesses would be of no use if you could not get their details, including their name and contact number. Whether you perform the task yourself or ask a friend to do it for you, make sure that you have the details of primary witnesses who witnessed the accident themselves.

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Furthermore, while it might be a bit difficult, you can try and get information about the truck driver. In certain situations, the driver is not at fault and will not mind providing you with all the details. If the situation allows, ensure to take these fundamental steps.

Digital Witnesses

In a world that is moving towards globalization with the speed of light, if you don't use your smartphones at the right time, they are of no practical use. Digitization is the new normal, and if you want your case to be strong, have photographic evidence by taking pictures of the accident from multiple angles, and make a video. These measures will have extreme significance in the court and help us ask for a substantial compensation amount.

Medical Reports

Once you are done with the preliminary steps, you have to see a doctor. Even if you don't feel any after-effects immediately, there is a high chance you may have gotten an internal injury. Hence, you should not waste any time and visit a doctor. Also, do keep a record of all the medical bills and other receipts or proof for the loss.

The Difference Between Car and Truck Accidents

While it might sound simple, the legal processes may vary for a truck accident. The first contributor to this is the complexity of the case. In a typical car accident case, a single car and its driver is involved. However, with truck accidents, the fault could be of various other parties and not just the driver. Since multiple parties are involved, there will be multiple insurances involved too. Every company will try their best to reduce their compensation, which is why dealing with all this alone can be very stressful. This is why it's vital to contact a Chicago truck accident lawyer to protect your interests.

Apart from that, the injuries caused in both types also vary. Because of the truck's humungous size, the damages caused are usually more severe than a car accident. A serious injury could also have lifelong consequences, and so, the compensation you are vouching for should include all this.

Who is at Fault?

The question is essential to ask because, in such accidents, the drivers are not always the ones at fault. While there is a high chance of negligence, it is not always the case. Another example could be the trucking company that encourages their drivers to put in extra hours. The fault can also be of the manufacturer if the truck’s parts were faulty. You can even blame the local government if the condition of the road had caused the accident. When you hire an attorney at Ktenas Injury Attorneys, you don't have to worry about finding the person or party accountable for the accident. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers will manage all that for you.

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Benefits of Hiring a Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer

After discussing the significant aspects of your case, it is imperative to learn more about why you need an attorney. Out of several benefits that come with hiring an injury lawyer for your case, here are a few essential ones:

Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers and Insurance Companies

As mentioned earlier, the defendant will try their best to lower the compensation amount you receive. In order to achieve this goal, they may have hired an attorney. Going in without a lawyer can make things difficult for you. Additionally, dealing with multiple insurance companies when you are in pain is a smart move. Hiring a lawyer can eliminate a lot of your stress and worries after a truck accident.

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Being Strategic

It is not written in stone that your case has to go for trial if you hire an attorney. An experienced attorney will be more interested in solving your issue as efficiently as possible instead of finding ways to extend it. While the case's duration depends on its complexity, the right attorney will make strategic decisions and offer you the best advice.


Identifying the guilty person or party is not easy. And it gets even more complicated when dealing with a truck accident case. A lawyer will help you understand your case better while ensuring that you don't have to worry about the legal procedures and identification.

Last Piece of Advice

While our Chicago car accident lawyers will take care of everything for you after you contact us, it is essential to know that you should not answer any questions asked by the defendant or insurance companies. You should also not accept the first proposal given by them. Book a free consultation session with an accident lawyer and let us take things forward on your behalf.