Chicago Scooter Accident Lawyer

Road accidents involving cars, trucks, and other automobiles are fairly common in the country. However, did you know that accidents caused by electric scooters are also on the rise? According to the statistics presented by consumer reports, around 1500 e-scooter injuries were reported across the country between 2017 and 2019. While the number may not seem significant, it is considering the fact the use of e-scooters is relatively recent.

So, if you suffered a personal injury while riding an e-scooter, you need to consult with a Chicago scooter accident lawyer before proceeding with the legal process.

Why Are E-Scooters Risky?

Before understanding why you will need a personal injury attorney for a scooter accident, it is essential to understand the risks involved with electric scooters. While the vehicle looks simple enough to ride, it really isn’t. In fact, riding an electric scooter can be risky. Some of the reasons they are risky, especially with the increase in its use, may include the following:

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The first reason is inexperience. First-time e-scooter riders are not accustomed to driving on roads with other vehicles.. Therefore, they can get intimidated by the public and lose control.


Not every scooter rider wears a helmet. If you are not careful about your safety on the road, you can injure yourself. After all, it is easy to get distracted when riding a scooter on the road. Before you get on your scooter, it is crucial to wear a helmet and take necessary precautions to prevent the risk of injuries.


Parking is another reason why people do not ride electric scooters. While the devices are dockless and don't have a specific place to fit in, you should look out and determine the hazards involved before parking them anywhere. If it’s not parked correctly, your scooter can cause harm to pedestrians.

Following Rules

A common issue with anyone who is traveling is following the road rules correctly. Whether you drive a car, bus, or scooter, you must understand and follow road regulations and traffic laws. This is especially true for people who are always running late. Just because you are on a scooter does not mean you cross the speed limit or try to go through a yellow light. This can cause serious injuries to you and others, not something you want on your record.

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Rules that Scooter Riders Must Follow

Now that you have an idea of why such scooter accidents occur, it is essential to talk about how the risk of an accident can be avoided on the rider's part. If you follow the state's rules, you will be able to reduce the risks involved by a large percentage.

Here are some of the main regulations that Chicago Scooter riders must comply with under all circumstances:

  • The speed of the vehicle should not exceed 15mph.
  • You should only ride in the bike lane, not any other lane, and never on the sidewalks.
  • You should ride your scooter in the direction of the traffic.
  • No more than one person should be on a single scooter.
  • You should be 18 or above to be able to drive an e-scooter. (If you are 16, then parents' consent is required).
  • You should park the bike in the designated parking areas.

Identifying the Liability in an E-Scooter Accident

Finding out who is liable in an accident can be tricky, especially with this vehicle. There is also a possibility that an accident occurred even though the rider was abiding by all the road regulations and laws. This is one reason why hiring a scooter accident lawyer is vital for these cases, no matter who was responsible for the accident.

Here are some common parties that could be held liable for scooter accidents in different circumstances. Your lawyer can guide you better as to which option you should pursue to get the maximum compensation amount.

Pedestrian Accident

In several cases, it is the scooter operator’s negligence that causes accidents. For example, if you failed to follow the rules for any reason whatsoever and rode the scooter on a sidewalk, thereby hitting a pedestrian walking. An accident can also occur due to speeding, trying to pass a crosswalk when you shouldn't, or various other violations that can have legal consequences for scooter users. If you were injured by a negligent scooter rider, you could get fair compensation for that by contacting our scooter accident attorneys.

Negligent Drivers

If you are on your scooter and generally follow all the rules, you can still get injured in an accident caused by some other negligent driver. Being harmed because of someone else's mistakes is quite common while driving. If you collided with an automobile because the driver was not following regulations, you could get severely injured, mostly because you were on a scooter and not a secure motor vehicle.

Once you have gotten the information needed on the scene and called the police, you should get yourself checked to identify any possible injuries that are not visible. Internal injuries are worse than physically visible ones, and you should get considerable compensation for that. Once you have visited a clinic, contact us immediately so that we can work your personal injury lawsuit within the statute of limitations.

Manufacturing Company

When buying a scooter, invest your money in a reputable brand to ensure it does not have any manufacturing faults. The risk of an accident increases if you drive a defective scooter. In case you get injured riding a scooter with manufacturing faults, the case could be filed against the scooter company. They will be held responsible for any damage that was caused to you because of the faulty scooter.


Lastly, if you have rented a scooter from a rental company, and the scooter loses control because of lack of maintenance, you are not responsible for the collision. It is the company you rented the scooter from that will be liable for your losses. However, proving yourself innocent can be challenging if you do not have someone who can guide you with all the legal matters. Hiring a lawyer under such circumstances becomes even more significant.

What is Included in Compensation?

Your compensation will depend on the injuries you sustained and your ability to travel or go to work. It would include all your medical bills, transport costs, lost wages, loss of earning capability if the injury resulted in a disability, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering.

Fighting a case in court without legal assistance is very difficult. To make your life easier, our experienced injury lawyers will provide you with a free consultation and not charge you anything until they can get financial compensation for you. For further details and to discuss your legal options with us, give us a call today!