Why Are Truck Accidents More Serious Than Other Accidents?

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In the US, the trucking industry is frequently used to transport products all around the country. Higher than seventy percent of annually transported freight passes through the road network via trucks. With an increased number of trucks traveling all over the country, there is always a high risk of commercial truck and passenger vehicles getting into an accident. Because of the difference in size between a truck and a car, individuals in passenger vehicles are in a lot more danger. Every year commercial vehicle accidents claim many lives.

One of the critical questions individuals have is ‘Why are truck accidents more serious than other accidents?’ Aside from the size of the vehicle, one of the other factors to consider is the weight of these vehicle types. The weight of a tractor-trailer can go up to eight thousand. That is like sixteen times the average size of an average passenger car. While putting this into consideration, it does mean that if a truck makes one wrong move on the road, it can lead to catastrophic injuries and major fatalities.

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One other thing is the braking ability of a truck. It is not that good. They take a while before they can come to a stop. Because trucks can take a while to break, turn widely, and are unable to move in and out of tough spaces in order to avoid a car that has stopped suddenly or something that has blocked the road, they have a high likelihood of getting into a crash.

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The Most Common Reasons Why Truck Accidents Occur

There are plenty of different reasons why trucking accidents occur. Here are some of the common causes of truck accidents.

A Bad Driver

When a negligent truck driver ignores the traffic rules and is aggressive on the road, they can easily cause a motor vehicle accident.

Improperly Loaded Cargo

A truck that is not correctly loaded can shift and slip off or overturn, leading to individuals who are behind the truck getting injured.

Why Are Truck Accidents More Serious Than Other Accidents?

Fatigue and Exhaustion

Big truck drivers travel long distances and can get sleep-deprived. Truck drivers getting exhausted and being sleep deprived is a major cause of car accidents. Some laws have been passed that dictate how long a commercial driver can be awake on the road. Even so, there still companies that encourage their employees to break these laws so they can deliver shipments quickly.

Drunk Driving

Compared to other drivers on the road, truck drivers have a lower blood alcohol content legal limit. When a commercial driver has a blood alcohol content of 0.04 percent or higher, they are considered to be driving under the influence. Because they have higher standards than other drivers, it is advisable for them not to drink and drive.

However, if you have been accused of a DUI and you feel that the BAC level was all wrong because of a malfunction of one of the testing devices, you should you may need to contact a criminal lawyer. Getting charged and convicted of a DUI charge even as a first-time offender can lead to you having to change careers.

A Truck Stopping by the Road

Stopping a car by the roadside can lead to an accident, especially if the driver that was driving a passenger vehicle or a car does not see it in time.

Squeeze Play

Squeeze play happens when a truck driver makes or is in the process of making a right turn. When a passenger car is caught in between the curb and the truck, it can end up in serious injuries to the individuals in the vehicle, or it can lead to death.

Most Common Types of Truck Accidents

Trucks can be involved in various types of accidents because the vehicles are kind of unique. Some accidents are more serious compared to others. Here are the most common types of accidents.

Tire Blowouts

When tire blowouts occur, it can result in the vehicle moving in a manner that is unpredictable and uncontrollable. When a passenger vehicle moves in this manner, it is serious. It is even more serious with a track since it weighs a lot of pounds compared to a passenger vehicle. The reason why tire blowouts occur is because of poor maintenance practices of the tire. Maintenance practices such as checking if the tires are adequately inflated; hence the accident occurs.

Aside from resulting in the vehicle losing control when the accident occurs, tires can be sent flying in the air. When the tires come off, it can result in other drivers and road users in traffic getting hurt.

Blind Spots

Vehicles have blind spots. Blind spots are areas that cannot be seen on the side mirrors. Because of the trailers connected to the cab tracks, unlike other vehicles, they cannot look over their shoulders to confirm if there are blind spots. Truckers not noticing a blind spot will result in them making a lane change that is not safe. Passenger car drivers should avoid driving into the large blind spots that the big trucks have. In the likelihood that a truck makes a wide turn while attempting to make a lane change when the car is in the blind spot of the truck, it will not be able to escape if a collision occurs.

Truck Accidents More Serious

Underride Accidents

A truck can stop all of a sudden. If that happens, the truck may not have enough time to come to a halt and can result in the vehicle causing impact in the back of a truck. As a result, most vehicles end up underneath the back end of the truck. This kind of accident is known as an underride accident. This is one of the most serious truck accidents and can result in loss of lives to the people in the passenger vehicles and severe injuries.

As a result of an accident, most truck crash injuries and fatalities will affect passengers in the other vehicle more than truck drivers. Drivers in passenger vehicles need to be more vigilant to avoid a collision that can prove to be fatal.

What to Do After a Truck Accident

After a truck accident, it is uncommon for individuals to come out of the accident without an injury. You must make sure that you are in good health. Also, you need to make sure that you get in touch with an experienced truck crash attorney that will help get compensation for injuries after an accident. When a truck accident occurs, most trucking companies want to protect their interest and make sure they do not suffer losses. For that reason, they hire an aggressive defense and expert witnesses during cases that involve truck accident claims. 

So you can have a better chance of getting compensated by an insurance company after a truck accident, it is important to seek the service of experienced truck accident attorneys. A truck accident lawyer will discuss possible strategies with you and work with you to represent your interests if you go to trial. Call our attorneys today at (312) 300-2515 to schedule a free consultation for your truck accident claim.