What to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer

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When the unthinkable happens and you suffer a debilitating injury through no fault of your own, it's a difficult situation to come to terms with. However, many times it is possible to get fair compensation that can go a long way towards helping you heal and recover financially. This is why finding a skilled attorney for your case is so important.

It's important to choose an excellent attorney who has experience in the field of personal injury law and possesses a combination of qualities that set them apart from other professional lawyers. If you have an injury claim to file call our firm at (312) 300-2515 to discuss it further. Our Chicago injury lawyers offer a free consultation to review your case and discuss your legal options moving forward.

Reviews and Client Testimonials

Reputation matters when you’re looking for an attorney to represent you in a case. Stellar client testimonials can be the difference between choosing someone to represent you and seeking another option. While credentials and education are important, reading about other clients’ experiences is invaluable when making a decision. Client testimonials provide insight that could otherwise be overlooked – a genuine glimpse into what working with the potential lawyer might entail.

Previous Case Outcomes

It’s important to do your due diligence when seeking out an attorney to handle a personal injury case. You want to make sure to choose an attorney with trial experience and a record of success. This means checking their track record of past successful settlements and judgments. Choosing an experienced attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies can get you the maximum settlement you deserve.


A personal injury trial lawyer should be eager to provide a list of their successful cases, including plenty of details about the outcomes as sufficient evidence that they know what they’re doing and can provide the best chances of success. 

Proven Experience in Litigation and Negotiation

Strong negotiation skills are vital in obtaining a favorable outcome in personal injury accident cases. A skilled negotiator has strong communication skills and can persuade those on the other side of the table, whether that’s an insurance company or another party involved in the case.

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They must be able to present a strong case and leverage their client's viewpoints while negotiating throughout a settlement. It is also vital for them to be able to anticipate any arguments that may arise from opposition and create creative solutions to potential roadblocks as they work towards their desired positive outcome.

Understanding of Relevant Laws and Regulations

A successful lawyer must have an in-depth understanding of the laws and regulations that are related to your case. This is because they need to be able to explain the relevant legal principles, legal processes, statutes, and rules that may apply to your particular situation. Knowing how the law works specifically in Illinois is essential when it comes to personal injury claims since this can often vary from state to state. An excellent lawyer will conduct detailed research into Illinois-specific laws and will seek out expert opinions as needed

Ability to Handle Complex Cases

When pursuing a personal injury case, the process can be extremely complex and requires attention to detail to make sure that all possible angles are covered and examined. They will also speak to many witnesses involved in the case, both for your side and the other party’s, so that nothing is left unexamined.

Furthermore, they will anticipate legal matters that may arise such as evidentiary issues, motions challenges, or privilege challenges by filing appropriate motions in court. This comprehensive approach towards litigation helps ensure that your case is brought to justice.

Availability of Free Consultations

When selecting a personal injury attorney, it is crucial to consider those who provide free consultations and offer readily available initial appointments to avoid any delays in the first meeting. Having a dependable legal representative is essential for ensuring the success of your case.

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It's important to choose a dedicated lawyer who is readily available and can be easily reached when needed. Your attorney should be located in a convenient place for you, so you don't have to waste time traveling long distances.

Knowledge of State and Federal Laws Associated with Your Case

The laws that apply to personal injury cases can vary depending on the circumstances. It is important to work with a skilled lawyer who knows both state and federal laws associated with your case. For example, slip and fall accidents are usually governed by the personal injury laws of your home state. On the other hand, when dealing with a large truck crash, there may also be federal regulations impacting your claim.

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It is essential to have knowledgeable legal counsel to help you navigate these various applicable laws because each law will have specific provisions, requirements, and deadlines that may affect your ability to recover the compensation you deserve for your injury. When interviewing personal injury law firms and legal teams, ask them about their experience handling cases similar to yours and make sure they are familiar with all relevant statutes. 

Knowledge of the Medical Issues Impacting Your Case

Compensation for a personal injury lawsuit has the potential to be significant, especially in cases where complex medical issues are present. Having a lawyer with an understanding of the relevant medical conditions and their impact on the case is critical for achieving a successful outcome.

Medical treatments can be long-term and expensive, particularly when serious injuries such as brain trauma or organ damage occur. It is important for lawyers representing these clients to have familiarity with the medical aspects of the case and to connect those issues to get the maximum compensation for clients.

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Furthermore, having access to medical experts who can provide expert testimonies if needed is highly valuable as it provides further proof of how an individual’s injuries have affected them to show that they deserve financial compensation. Without this knowledge, clients may not receive all that they suffer from their injury due to inadequate representation.

They Work on a Contingency Basis

For clients injured in an accident, having access to quality legal representation is important - but it can be expensive. Hiring an experienced lawyer in Illinois doesn't have to break the bank, however, many successful attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. That's a fancy way of saying they only get paid if you do.

In the contingency fee model, the attorney will usually take a percentage of your eventual damages if they win your case. In other words, no win - no fee. Working on contingency takes some of the financial risk away from you and is especially helpful when you don't have cash to spare for these legal services upfront. Your attorney has more incentive to win because if they don't get a check neither do they! 

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