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Every day there is a risk of getting involved in an accident and obtaining severe injuries. It is not only a risk. It happens. People have purchased electronic devices, read the manual, and followed it to the letter only to end up being electrocuted. As a result of electrocution, they have ended up with serious injuries. It is not because of something they did, but something the company did not do when they manufactured defective products.

When there is ongoing construction in a company, a sign should be put up, especially if the lives of people working in the building are at stake. There have been instances when the lift was under maintenance, and a sign was not put up, a person has used it. It ended up as a workplace accident. Some motor vehicle accidents and pedestrian accidents have happened due to a lack of proper signage being put up.

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A lot of traumatic events are happening as a result of negligence from other people. If you are a victim of an accident that could have been avoided if the right measures were put in place and you are looking for a Bolingbrook personal injury lawyer, we've got you! Give our injury law firm a call. We are always ready to help. 

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When you get into a serious motor vehicle accident, all you and your family are concerned about is getting you the best medical care. When your situation improves and you can go home, you realize that things have changed. The huge medical expenses your family incurs due to the accident puts a strain on your financial situation. After getting out of the hospital, you realize that you cannot go to work immediately or at all. With one sole breadwinner in the household, things are no longer the same.

This is the story of so many Americans that have been in a car accident that didn't need to happen in the first place. We cannot reverse time, but we can help make this difficult time easier for you and your family. 

Call our Bolingbrook car accident lawyers, we have handled cases such as yours, and we can help. We have been on the side of the prosecution and have the advantage of knowing what they will come up with and counter.

You are more than a case to us. We want to help you and your family take legal action that will enable you get the fair compensation you deserve. We want the best for you. We want to get you back on the road to financial recovery after the dramatic, catastrophic, and life-altering injuries you have suffered.

Our extensive experience and expertise as motorcycle injury lawyers are what you need at this time when you are thinking of taking legal action. We value our clients. To us, they are like family. Come to us and let us help you! 

Time Limits in Personal Injury Cases

If you have been in a traumatic accident in Bolingbrook, Illinois, that has happened due to somebody else's negligence, you have questions in your mind. One of these questions is how long do I have to file a personal injury claim? In Illinois, how long you have to file a personal injury lawsuit varies. It depends on the circumstances revolving around your case and statutes of limitations. When you have all of these questions going through your mind, you may need our skilled team. Call us for an initial consultation and let us answer your questions.

In most personal injury cases in Illinois, the statute of limitations states that you have up to 2 years to file a lawsuit. While some cases have a strict time limit, it is not the case for all personal injury accidents. Age is a big factor that is considered when filing a claim. When the individual is below the age of 18, they have to wait until they are 18 years old to file the claim, and the case is viable until they are 20 years old.

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One other reason that would cause the case to be viable after two years is if the injury is not discovered until later. The court may need convincing at this point as to why the injury was not detected until later on. That is why you need a team of experts representing you. We are a team of experts that you can rely on for your legal issues. Get in touch with Ktenas Injury Lawyers to learn what we can do for you.

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The opposing side is busy gathering evidence. They have the money and the resources to build a strong case. Like you, they are considering every legal option and angle they can explore, and for them, so they make sure that they get to keep their money. So personal injury plaintiffs have a chance to play on an even field and get great results, you need a great team of experts on your side. All you need to do is report your accident and then leave the rest to us. We know what to do and how to help our personal injury clients.

Besides hiring the right team of lawyers, you need medical experts who know what they are doing. They will nurse you to good health and testify to the condition that you were in after the accident. Medical personnel can go through your records and help you decide on the best personal injury claim to file. They can do this based on the type of injury 

As the greater Chicago area's firm of choice, we will investigate your case and gather the information that will help in your compensation claim.

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