What Happens If I'm At Fault In a Car Accident In Chicago?

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What people do immediately after automobile accidents occur is important. Your actions in the following days that an accident occurs will determine the turn your case will take.

Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident. It is not a good experience. It is even more frustrating if you were the cause of the accident. Whether you are entirely to blame or played some part in it, you wish that the ordeal would be over. The natural question is, what happens if I'm at fault in a car accident in Chicago? We want to help you understand that.

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Even if it is a stressful time and time when you are in pain, you must hold yourself accountable just like you would want another party to, if it happened to you.

After an accident occurs, the injured parties involved in the motor vehicle accident should report the incident to the police. Here are a few other steps that you should take:

  • Exchange contacts
  • Find out each other's name
  • Information on insurance
  • License plate numbers
  • Take photos and document injuries from the accident

As soon as the accident happens, inform your insurance agency so you are protected by your coverage. When a car accident occurs, you may incur hefty bills due to substantial medical costs. It is essential to understand what happens after an accident and how a Chicago personal injury attorney can help.

Will Your Insurance Company Pay for When You Are At Fault?

Yes and no. After signing up for an auto insurance claim, you must work with your insurance company after getting involved in a car accident.

You will need to cooperate with your insurance company if they are going to pay for the claim filed against you. Here are some of the steps that you can take to collaborate with your insurance agency.

  • You need to get your car inspected
  • Providing pictures of the accident
  • Being present to help with your defense case in the case you get sued
  • Giving them a recorded statement

When you fail to work with the insurance company, there is a possibility of them denying the claim raised against you. If they do that, the accident victims may end up filing a lawsuit against you the liable party and you will have to personally compensate them for the accident injuries and other damages.

Different states handle car accident claims differently. While there are fault states, Illinois is not a no-fault state it is an at-fault state. What does this mean? It means that the person responsible for an accident will be responsible for paying for damages. In case there are several liable parties involved, they will share the liability among themselves. The principle of comparative negligence will be applied.

Review your options with our attorneys if a driver is trying to blame you for a car accident.

Here are the claims that can be filed against you;

  • A third-party claim. A claim again the insurance company of the at-fault driver
  • A first-party claim. A claim against the victim's insurance company
  • A lawsuit filed against the at-fault driver against the at-fault driver

After an accident where you are at fault occurs, here are some of the things you will happen after the determination of fault and the compensation you'll get depending on the types of damages and additional coverage/insurance plan you have.

  • Your insurance rate will increase unless you have a forgiveness policy with your auto insurance company
  • If you have collision coverage, even if you are at fault, the damage to your vehicle will be fixed
    In Illinois, you cannot cover lost wages if you were at fault unless you had a personal injury protection coverage
  • Before recovering from the vehicle damage and while it is being repaired, you can get a rental car paid for by your insurance company if you have a rental car coverage car policy
  • If you applied for an insurance policy that caters to your accident injuries you will as well get compensated

After an accident, you want to be sure of the percentage of fault or if you were responsible. You could end up taking all the blame for something that isn't your fault and, in turn, suffer a substantial financial burden in a motor vehicle collision. Talk to our experienced attorneys at the Ktenas Injury Lawyers law firm, and let us do our due diligence in putting together the details of your case.

We can help you get maximum settlements if you come to us. Also, before going to trial we offer settlement negotiations and out-of-court settlement agreements if possible. If at this stage you get an unfair settlement we proceed to court.

Is it Possible to Lose Your House If At Fault?

If you are the negligent driver, your car insurance company should help you compensate the victim.

However, there are instances where the responsible party may have to foot the medical bills and any other settlement.

  • If you do not cooperate with your insurance company during the case
  • If you have not applied for an insurance cover

In Illinois, the insurance policy limits a driver to at least an auto insurance policy by law. A person who is found driving on the roads without insurance will be charged a fine of one thousand dollars. If they end up causing an accident, they will be held liable, and they will need to pay for the property damage that has been caused due to the accident.

If uninsured, the responsible party assets' value and the property they have will be weighed and used to pay for damage and medical expenses of the victim. In this case, you could end up losing your house while paying compensation for injuries.

Do You File An Insurance Claim If You Are At Fault?

It all depends on the insurance policy you have. If you have applied for insurance coverage that gives you coverage despite being at fault, you can file for a personal injury claim.

To do this, you will need the help of a personal injury lawyer who will help you get fair compensation. You need to have someone by your side that has taken this journey before and understands what you need to do.

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We have worked with clients just like you. When an accident happens and you are the responsible driver you may probably be feeling so guilty and may end up missing the details when it comes to the insurance claims you can file.

Having skilled auto accident lawyers who can represent you and help you recover some losses through the insurance coverage you have. They can help you get maximum compensation. Let our Ktenas Injury Lawyers help you.

Do You Need to Come Clean with Your Insurance Company?

Getting involved in an accident disrupts a big part of your life. Your job is disrupted, and your time gets consumed in the process. You incur huge losses like your car getting damaged or totally wrecked and at times severe injuries. You have to pay for damages or even get a new vehicle while the case goes on for months and bare the financial costs of medical expenses or physical therapy depending on the types of injuries you have.

It can also be an emotionally draining process, and the accused may want to claim that they are at fault just so the case can be settled. However, saying that you are at fault will not make the problem go away. You could have just made it worse.

You should never admit to fault. Thinking that it is your fault does not mean that you are at fault. You need to allow the accident situations to be accessed and the percentage responsible you are to be determined.

When you admit to fault, only you and your insurance company will be liable. You end up freeing the other party and their insurance company from covering any cost even if the other party was at fault as well.

Before getting to the point where you feel you have to admit guilt after an accident, call our office and talk to a car accident attorney so they can give you legal representation. An experienced auto accident lawyer will help you avoid sabotaging your chances of getting compensated for the damages you have suffered.

What Do You Tell the Police?

Don't lie to the police, and don't incriminate yourself.

After an accident, the police will come to the accident scene to fill out a police report. They will question both of the parties involved in the accident and try to find out what happened.

You should be careful with your words and avoid getting pressured to say what is not true. The other party may try to pin the accident on you, but you should not give in to their accusations. Tell the police your side of the story.

Even if the other party is trying to blame you, it is not admissible unless it is proven in a court of law.

If you are ever involved in an accident where you think you are at fault, call skilled auto accident attorneys immediately, save yourself the trouble, and let us take care of the legal process for you and give you legal advice.

It's An At-Fault Accident. Can You Fight It?

You should hire a car accident attorney to review your case and tell you where you stand. If you are entirely at fault, you may have to pay for damages. However, if it is a minor car accident or a common car accident where you are both at fault, you may have to rely on your insurance companies to compensate you for damages.

If other parties are involved in the accident, you will have to share costs. The most important thing is to determine the part you played in the accident and you are the driver responsible.

Our lawyers are here to help if an insurance company is trying to blame a car accident on you.

Before any judgment is passed, your guilt or innocence must be proven. You need a strong defense if you are going to get a favorable outcome.

Call us or visit our law offices. Let us work on your case.

Our Lawyers Can Help if You Are At Fault In a Car Accident In Chicago

We have skilled and experienced car accident attorneys ready to offer you assistance. We can review your case for free, and we are available for you to talk to 24/7.

We investigate and prepare evidence for your personal injury lawsuit defense just in time for your case. We are concerned about you recovering from the damage you have incurred from the motor vehicle accident.

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