Is It Worth Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer?

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Every year thousands of Illinois residents are injured and dozens are killed because of large truck accidents. Most truck accident victims have to deal with catastrophic injuries, unexpected medical expenses, property damage, and other devastating consequences after a trucking accident.

If a trucking company, truck driver, or another entity’s negligence causes a truck crash that harms you or your loved one, they can and should be held responsible. Many people wonder if it is worth hiring a truck accident lawyer after experiencing this. A seasoned truck accident lawyer like those at Ktenas Injury Lawyers knows this, and our legal team is ready to fight for you. We'll demand justice by filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault party and their insurance company and pursuing maximum compensation for your physical injuries and financial damages.

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Why Should I Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Legally, being hit by an 18-wheeler truck differs from being hit by a car. If you’ve been injured in an 18-wheeler accident, there are many more legal implications and your truck accident case may be worth a lot more than if you were injured by another car. Often, the insurance company representing a commercial truck operator, or trucking company, will offer the injured person a low-ball settlement offer right away. This will prevent any truck accident lawsuit from developing and it ensures the responsible parties avoid a large payout. Before accepting any settlement offer, always consult a trusted truck accident injury lawyer.

Here are five reasons why hiring a trucking accident attorney is worthwhile.

Trucking Insurance Policies Are Complicated

In a typical auto accident case involving two passenger motor vehicles, the injured party often seeks compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. However, if you’ve sustained bodily injuries in a collision involving a commercial vehicle, it's imperative to note that multiple at-fault parties and insurance policies may come into play.

The trucking company that hired the truck driver will most probably have liability insurance. Also, the truck driver may have his or her own insurance policy. Further, it's vital to note that commercial vehicles are also covered by vehicle-specific insurance policies, and the cargo they haul might be insured as well.

Worth Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Filing an insurance claim with one insurance company is complicated enough, but dealing with multiple insurance providers at once is daunting, especially if you're not familiar with the legal process. The insurance adjusters’ job is to protect their company’s bottom line. They might do this by minimizing your accident claim or denying you financial compensation entirely. Without the help of an experienced truck accident attorney, you could be stuck in a bureaucratic nightmare with piles of paperwork from multiple insurance claims. This is extremely frustrating, especially when you're trying to recover from your truck accident injuries.

Again, commercial truck insurance policies typically have higher insurance policy limits to cover the catastrophic damage and severe injuries that often arise when large trucks are involved in crashes. Thus, insurance providers have even more motivation to minimize or deny truck accident claims when large payouts are involved. This isn't a legal battle you want to fight on your own. A truck accident lawyer with extensive experience handling hundreds of thousands of truck accident claims has the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to prove your accident claims.

Truck Crashes Often Cause More Damage

When a heavy truck collides with a passenger vehicle, it causes traumatic injuries and property damage. Often the truck driver walks away from the collision unscathed, but the occupants in the smaller motor vehicle sustain fatal injuries.

Unfortunately, the trucking company, truck driver, and their insurance providers might fight back against your personal injury claim. They might deny causing the crash, delay dealing with your personal injury claim, or may even try to blame you for the collision to avoid paying what you’re entitled to.

With a lot on the line, it’s essential to hire an experienced truck accident attorney to represent you and protect your rights. The liable parties and their insurers will have truck driver accident lawyers on their side who will do nothing but defend them against liability claims. Thus, you should also have qualified legal counsel looking out for your interests and fighting for you.

Multiple Parties Might be Liable for Truck Crashes

Some trucking accidents involve commercial truck drivers who are owner-operators, which means they're self-employed drivers who own their own 18-wheeler trucks. If an owner-operator causes a commercial truck crash, they alone are liable for accident-related financial damages.

However, most truck drivers work for companies that own multiple trucks or even large fleets of trucks. Also, there are other entities, such as cargo loading companies, truck manufacturers, third-party maintenance companies, and even the company that owns the cargo could bear some liability following a truck accident.

Proving fault in a truck accident claim is daunting and thus identifying all at-fault parties after a truck accident typically requires the help of a dedicated truck accident lawyer.

An experienced attorney is familiar with the unique challenges the truck crash cases present and will develop solid legal strategies to increase your chances of success.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer from Ktenas Injury Lawyers to represent you, they'll build a strong legal strategy to give you the best chance at success by:

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  • Gathering vital evidence of liability from truck accident reports, Electronic GPS, driver logbooks, trucking company maintenance records, cell phone records, background investigations, and witness statements.
  • Estimating the value of a fair trucking accident settlement by accounting for all of your accident-related costs, including your medical bills, the cost of replacing or repairing your vehicle, and physical and mental pain and suffering.
  • Working with medical professionals to assess your physical injuries and estimate the cost of future medical treatment.
  • Negotiating with insurance providers on your behalf and handling settlement negotiations from start to finish.

If you’ve been injured in a crash with an 18-wheeler truck, don’t trust your truck accident injury claim to just any lawyer. Often truck crash cases involve traumatic injuries, multiple responsible parties, and other entities who will fight fiercely to protect their bottom line. You deserve fair compensation for your injury claim to cover your present and future medical bills, lost wages, property damage, emotional distress, and other financial losses. With an experienced truck accident lawyer by your side, you can recover peacefully knowing that your case is in able hands.

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