How Much Does Uber Pay For Accidents?

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Ridesharing companies, such companies Uber and Lyft, have changed the way we go around cities. Uber makes moving around more convenient, which is why millions of people use the app to arrange for a car to take them to their destination. Thankfully, most Uber passengers arrive at their destination without a problem. However, Uber drivers have also caused many auto accidents, and many Uber passengers sustain injuries when their Uber hits another vehicle. You may be wondering 'How much does Uber pay for Accidents?'

Uber knows that car accidents will happen, so the company carries huge insurance policies to pay out Uber accident claims. Over the years, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, other motorists, and many others have received Uber accident settlements to pay for all their medical expenses and other short-term and long-term damages caused by a crash involving negligent Uber drivers, or if a negligent driver hits their Uber. The personal injury attorneys at Ktenas Injury Lawyers know how to handle Uber accident claims to make sure you get the Uber accident settlement you truly deserve.

How Much is the Average Uber Accident Settlement?

The average Uber accident settlement is under $15,000. That’s because most car accidents don’t cause serious injuries. A minor personal injury will cause a small Uber car accident settlement.

Luckily, most car accidents cause no injury, or an injury with slight pain, which goes away quickly. Either of these cases isn’t worth much.

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However, if you’re severely injured in an Uber accident, your claim could easily be worth more than Uber’s insurance limit. This is the case, especially if an Uber is available or is waiting for a ride request. Here, the personal injury liability limit is $50,000 per person. If the Uber driver was at fault and the injured person had surgery for their injuries, the injury claim is always worth over $50,000.

However, it’s tougher to exceed Uber’s insurance limit if the Uber driver was on their way to pick up riders or during trips. That’s because only a few personal injury claims are worth over Uber’s $1 million insurance limit. You must have a brain injury or several surgeries for Uber to pay you the $1 million limit. Further, death cases are often worth over Uber’s $1 million liability limit.

Since Uber keeps settlements confidential, you should hire an attorney who can value your claim accurately.

Does Speed Limit Affect An Uber Accident Settlement Amount?

Yes, the speed limit may affect an Uber accident settlement amount. That’s because the higher the speed limit, the more difficult it is for the driver to stop in time. So, the driver’s auto insurance company may put less blame on the driver. And less blame on the driver means a smaller settlement amount for the pedestrian hit by the Uber car. Thus, a higher speed limit may lead to a smaller settlement.

However, a lower speed limit increases the settlement amount of the pedestrian’s case. That’s because the pedestrian has a valid argument that the car should’ve stopped in time.

Does an Uber Passenger Have a Better Case than an Uber Driver Who is Hurt?

Mostly, an Uber passenger has a better case than an Uber driver who is hurt because passengers are rarely at fault.

However, if the Uber driver committed a moving violation that caused the Uber accident, then he/she is at least partially to blame. This reduces the settlement amount of an Uber driver’s case.

Examples of moving violations include failure to yield the right of way, causing a left-turn accident, careless driving, and speeding. Alternatively, there are many instances where an Uber driver won’t be at fault. If the Uber driver isn’t to blame for the accident, he/she may recover compensation for 100% of his/her damages.

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Should I Take Photos of the Damage to Any Cars Involved in the Uber Accident?

Yes, take pictures and videos of the damage to all vehicles involved in the auto accident. If there was video surveillance that captured the crash, you or your Chicago car accident lawyer should send a written request to whoever maintains the video. Be sure to get a written receipt to show the request was received by the owner of the surveillance video.

For example, you could send a process server to hand-deliver the request to preserve the surveillance video. A process server costs $50, however, if you hire an Uber accident attorney, they may pay for this. If you recover compensation for your Uber accident claim, the attorney will deduct this cost after they take their contingency fee.

A surveillance video of the accident can increase the full settlement amount of your Uber injury case. An Uber claim accident adjuster is likely to pay more money if the surveillance video shows a hard impact at the time of the crash.

For instance, if your vehicle was badly damaged in an Uber rear-end collision, it’s great to take photos to capture the damage. Also, take pictures of the at-fault driver’s car damage. However, don’t panic if you didn’t. Having pictures showing how your car was damaged is a good start.

What Factors Determine Who Pays for an Uber Passenger’s Medical Bills Following an Uber Accident?

If you sustain injuries after an auto accident, or if the accident causes property damage, in most cases it’s the at-fault party and their insurance company that reimburses the victim’s medical expenses. However, if the at-fault party is the Uber driver, you may wonder if Uber will pay.

Whether Uber pays for your medical expenses following an Uber accident where you were the passenger depends on two major factors:

  • Fault. Who is to blame for the accident? The Uber driver isn’t always at fault, it could be another driver’s fault. Sometimes, both the Uber driver and another motorist may share blame for the accident. When it’s not the Uber driver’s fault, Uber won’t pay for your medical bills unless the other driver doesn’t have an auto insurance cover. Uber has uninsured motorist cover, so if the Uber driver wasn’t at fault and the at-fault motorist has no auto insurance coverage, Uber’s auto insurance policy will still cover your medical bills.
  • Amount. How much are your medical expenses? Uber covers passengers up to $1 million for personal injuries if the accident happens between the time the Uber driver accepts your request for a ride and they drop you off at your destination.

$1 million seems like a lot of money, it can easily cover your medical costs, especially if your injuries are minor. However, $1 million becomes smaller if you suffer severe injuries. The question here becomes: what if compensatory damages exceed $1 million? Uber believes passengers can’t claim more than $1 million because its drivers are independent contractors.

Uber isn’t responsible for their actions, even if the Uber driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, and thus, caused an auto accident that led to personal injuries exceeding $1 million. However, if Uber drivers were employees, then you could recover more from Uber. Until then, you and your Chicago Uber accident attorney must provide a solid argument if you require more than $1 million in compensation.

What Damages Can I Recover in an Uber Car Accident?

According to Illinois law, the damages you may recover for a car accident include compensation for:

  • Past and future mental anguish, pain and suffering, and physical impairment;
  • Past and future medical, rehabilitation, hospital, disability, and other medical-related expenses;
  • Past economic losses, such as lost income, salary, and property damage;
  • Loss of future income because of any long-term disability and permanent diminished earning ability;
  • Wrongful death if the lawsuit is brought by the family of the loved one who passed away;
  • Punitive damages because of outrageous wrongful conduct.

It’s crucial to note that the law requires Uber to possess $1 million in auto insurance coverage for personal injuries to passengers caused by their drivers, or by other drivers' faults who don’t have insurance coverage or are underinsured. However, this doesn’t mean you'll receive the maximum compensation allowed under the law, even though you negotiate directly with Uber’s insurance company. Every insurance company aims to limit or delay claims. Only by working with an experienced Uber car accident lawyer will you get the compensation you deserve. Our competent Chicago car accident attorneys mostly recover compensation for our clients that are significantly greater than the amount originally offered by the insurance adjuster.

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