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Ruben M.
14:48 18 May 24
Amazing service from start to finish I highly recommend attorney Alex ktenas he will get the job done
19:05 16 May 24
If you’re reading this review, you’re probably looking for a lawyer. And if you’re looking for a lawyer, you can stop looking now and just call Alex. You will not regret it. I was arrested for a DUI and avoided a license suspension, car breathalyzer, and all charges were dismissed because of Alex and his knowledge and skills in the court room. After he fought (and won) to not have my license suspended, the Marshal stopped me on my way out to congratulate me and tell me how lucky I was to have such a good lawyer. I am confident I would not have had anywhere close to as good of an outcome/ experience had I gone with any other lawyer/ firm. Alex is always available and willing to answer any questions and explains everything in a way that makes it much easier to understand. He made the whole process as enjoyable as one can be when fighting a DUI. I cannot recommend him enough. I’d hand his business card out everywhere I went if he asked me to. And if you hire him, you’d end up asking to join me in doing that.
Anthony M.
18:02 15 May 24
Highly recommend Alex, thanks to him I was able to get my charges reduced. The process working with him was great, he explained everything I needed to know, and was available whenever I had a question in my case
Anthony M.
17:57 15 May 24
Highly recommend Ktenas Law as your representative in court. Alex carefully explained possible outcomes in my case & managed to get me the least worst charge for my case. He definitely knows what he is doing.
michaelchavezz _
21:07 07 May 24
I’ve worked with Alex 2 different scenarios and it’s always been super easy and straight to the point! Referred him to a friend and we both suggest Alex for all types of cases! Never felt more comfortable dealing with the law than I have when I got Alex by my side. Truly the best!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Steven S.
19:29 07 May 24
Mr. Alex ktenas makes a difference he's good at reminding me that the system does work, awesome job Alex I wish that there was more like you. Thank God for you. 💯
Norma L.
17:35 26 Apr 24
Mike W.
04:33 13 Apr 24
Ktenas Law gets the Verdict you want to hear. Getting in trouble and having to Hire a Lawyer is not Fun and its Expensive! I've found that finding the Right Lawyer for your needs is exhausting and could mean Higher Fines and a really Negative outcome. So Hire Ktenas Law your Future depends on it!
kiplinger S.
22:03 03 Apr 24
I had the fortunate luck of coming across Alex Ktenas for a DUI/DWI case I was facing. I weighed my options as this was a potential second infraction: I had a lawyer from a prior case 9 years ago that never really explained the outcome
Dennis B.
20:37 03 Apr 24
10/10 great criminal defense attorney, got me out of 2 felony charges down to misdemeanor. Extremely transparent
sean W.
19:18 02 Apr 24
Ktenas law does amazing work would recommend to anyone looking for a lawyer! 10/10
sean W.
19:15 02 Apr 24
Ktenas law is amazing I would recommend them to anyone looking for a lawyer 10/10!
Sarina C.
18:18 22 Mar 24
Very helpful in handling my last case. So great to work with and very professional. 10 stars!!
Xavier A.
22:31 14 Mar 24
Plain and simple Alex kicks butt !! He truly deserves every five star review he has. When I was first charged with my offense. I was in dire need of an attorney. I read thousands of reviews and called many lawyers but none actually seemed like they were interested in what I was going through and they only cared about the “retainer fee”. Alex is very empathetic and just a decent human being. He knows the law, He knows what he is doing. Just give him a call and see for yourself. I guarantee you will not be disappointed !!! Thanks again Alex.
Xavier A.
22:20 14 Mar 24
ATTENTION CDL DRIVERS !!!If you have ran into any trouble (DUI) like I did. Then look no further. Alex is nothing short of amazing. He understands that our entire livelihood depends on keeping our license. He’s very flexible with payment options and he’s always available to answer any question you may have. Anytime I have reached out to him he was super prompt and got back to me within the hour. Alex knows his stuff. He’s the real “Harvey Spector” of the Chicagoland Area. I know every case is different but I can almost guarantee you will walk away with the results that you want !!!
Victoria A.
22:05 14 Mar 24
Overall a really good experience working with ktenas law. Such a great service and good results Highly recommend it
Joe M.
18:53 09 Mar 24
I recently had the opportunity to work with Alex during very stressful times, and I couldn't be more impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise they provided. From the initial consultation to the resolution of my case, Alex demonstrated a deep understanding and guided me through the legal process with clarity and confidence. Their proactive approach and attention to detail resulted in a favorable outcome for my case. I highly recommend Alex to anyone in need of a skilled and dedicated attorney.
Armani V.
20:21 27 Feb 24
I’ve been a client of Ktenas Law for a few years now, I have worked with Alex twice for a criminal case and Chris for a civil case. Honestly this was my first time ever having a criminal & civil case and I couldn’t have been more grateful for the opportunity to work with them both. Too have skilled, knowledgeable, aggressive team of terms who fought to get me the best result/experience possible. I whole heartedly recommend them to anyone who needs the best team of attorneys. Forever grateful for them both!
Adrian M.
23:06 26 Feb 24
Alex is a great guy and a great lawyer. He provides exceptional legal advice and is an honest person! He was able to provide me with many options on how to take on my case. In the end we were able to get a not guilty verdict. I am glad that I reached out to Alex about my case! Alex is your guy!
Nick M.
08:01 31 Jan 24
Mr cress #1,very nice person, very good lawyer and lawyer's in this office greatNote, office in Orland Park, door# 52N mallah
Dak G.
16:58 27 Jan 24
I can’t refer the Ktenas bros enough.. Alex and Chris are the best in the business. Not only do they have pull in their field, they also genuinely care about the clients they represent. I am very fortunate to have found these gentleman to fight my case .Ps: I’d give them 10 stars if I could
Neva2Lazy D.
17:40 19 Dec 23
Mr. Ktenas is one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Chicago, hands down. I highly recommend him & his team to help defend anyone. 10/10
Tom H.
22:41 11 Dec 23
Alex was a great lawyer. He made the whole process very easy and non stressful. I could not thank him enough for his work. I will be recommending Ktenas law to my friends and family!
Milan N.
12:22 20 Nov 23
Julian H.
20:28 15 Nov 23
Alex was very good at what he do great service definitely will recommend thank you
Johnny C.
01:20 26 Oct 23
Great service!!!!
melissa F.
20:52 25 Oct 23
100/10, would recommend Alex to anyone seeking legal help.
Jim E.
19:33 07 Oct 23
Great experience with these guys they did the best they can do for me and I’m 100% happy with the outcome highly recommend them
Hebert A.
01:04 19 Sep 23
I had an exceptional experience with the Ktenas firm. Their team, and specifically Alex, demonstrated expertise, professionalism, and dedication throughout my wife’s case. They communicated effectively, provided clear guidance, and achieved a favorable outcome. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal assistance.
Amanda B.
21:49 04 Sep 23
I called from Texas to ask a question and they spent several minutes helping me. I really appreciated it.
Jess D.
18:09 22 Aug 23
I would spend the money and use them all over again. I couldn’t appreciate these people more. Absolutely worth it. Always responds in a timely manner, and very upfront. I’m so happy I went with Ktenas law. Thank you!!
23:12 17 Aug 23
Alex Ktenas - Thank you so much for going above and beyond! I am extremely grateful for all of your help and with the outcome of my case. If you need a defense lawyer who excels in his profession, Alex is the excellent choice. I highly recommend his outstanding legal services!
Buut L.
16:48 17 Aug 23
Absolutely would recommend them. They helped me to get my case dismissed. Honest and open with what your possibilities are. Talk to them and at least hear their opinions. Thanks guys
Buut L.
16:04 17 Aug 23
I will recommend them to you any and every time. Obviously, every case is different. They are very reasonable with the rates. They do the best they can for you and do their best to help you through any situation. Very professional and personable, will explain everything with you, open and honestly. I had a great experience. Thank you Ktenas, you’re appreciated.
Mitch Z
18:34 09 Jun 23
Alex was awesome. As someone who hasn't ever really had to deal with anything like this he made it very easy. I had a speeding ticket in a construction zone and i was really worried about it. Very easy with great pricing and got my case dismissed! Highly recommend!
eduardo A.
06:28 05 Jun 23
Smooth experience!
Chris R.
19:48 01 May 23
Great experience with Nick and Alex. Since start to finish, both of them have been on top of my case. Glad I chose Ktenas Law firm to represent me. I highly recommended them, you won’t be disappointed. They were able to drop all my charges. Thank you for being great at what you do.
jamia W.
14:34 14 Apr 23
Alex is a wonderful attorney! Keeps you in the loop about everything that is going on with your case! Explains everything in detail about your case and the next steps! I literally told him he saved my life! If you are looking for an attorney that will fight for you Ktenas Law is the best fit for you!
Matt D.
01:11 29 Mar 23
Im a 43 year old single dad who bought my first house. Nick was referred by my realtor and I’m so glad he was. Always following up, always on time , always clarifying and NEVER once did I feel I was being talked down to or at, but to me as a person. Lawyers get bad reputations and I’ve had a few, less than stellar folks. There were points where the subject matter was VERY detailed and sometimes didn’t pertain to my situation. I listened intently to the accurate explanations of the finite world of legalese when buying a house. I work nightshift and would be half asleep asking questions or would worry I forgot a detail. Never one to shy away from his client he did his job marvelously, so much so that if I need any legal help I’ll use the firm and refer it to anyone because good businesses and LAWYERS need vetting to. I’m a former auto mechanic and we got a bad rep too… lolI love my house and am glad he went the extra mile and for me and my family. My interests were met with astounding accuracy and details were exquisitely cared for. Seek no other legal team in your area if your situation can be handled by Nick or anyone who has the pleasure of working with him.Thank you so much sir your hard work created my future and my legacy. Hats off.
19:04 17 Mar 23
I'm very thankful for calling Ktenas Law and specifically Alex Ktenas. He went above and beyond what I expected and was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. Highly recommend Ktenas Law
Mayra R.
13:03 14 Mar 23
Mike R.
12:40 14 Mar 23
Finally found attorneys that cared about me and what was important to me. I’m now able to see my son without any issues.. best group I will never use anyone else...
Steven H.
20:08 31 Jan 23
Ktenas Law assisted with my home sale, Nick and his team were on point the entire way through. The communication with the Ktenas Law team was amazing. It was my first time selling a home and they took the time to walk me through all the paperwork, made sure I understood all my legal options and made the home selling process easy and efficient. I will definitely work with them in the future. Highly recommend.
Cody M.
18:18 16 Dec 22
Alex is the man !!!! Got my felony gun charge ( aggravated unlawful use ) dropped down to a misdemeanor !!! Almost 5,000$ cheaper than the other Chicago area attorneys I called. I’m an out of state resident and got very lucky to run into Alex and be able to use his services . 10 stars from me , I would recommend him to anybody .
Cody M.
18:16 16 Dec 22
Alex is the man !!!! Saved me thousands of dollars and got my felony gun charge dropped down to a misdemeanor. I’m an out of state resident and got lucky to find Alex . Would definitely use him again if I needed to , but hopefully I never will !! Thank you Alex ! 10 stars from me .
Spencer P.
01:46 07 Dec 22
I hired Alex when I was charged with a DUI. During my accident interaction, I was taken to the hospital for a blood drop, which showed I had Xanax in my system. This was my 2nd DUI. I had my first one 30 years ago. While my case was in process, I relocated to California. Fortunately, I was able to attend court via Zoom. Alex walked me through the process and was available to me. For me, the best way to communicate is via text. When I texted Alex, if he wasn't in court, he always replied to my texts within 5 minutes. In conclusion, Alex was able to negotiate the best possible outcome considering my charges. After negotiations with the state’s attorney, I got 18 months of probation. I can't recommend him more. If you need a DUI attorney run, don't walk, to Alex.
Taylor S.
23:32 26 Nov 22
Nick was a pleasure to work with! I was dealing with a problematic mortgage lender and Nick was great at noticing any issues or inconsistencies before the closing date. He was truly a wondeful help during the process and I would recommend him to anyone.
Pavel A.
18:09 17 Nov 22
He solved my problem very quickly and efficiently, i would recommend to anyone seeking legal help.
Melissa K.
22:03 08 Nov 22
Ktenas Law gave me reassurance and helped my home purchase process run smoothly! Nick was great to work with!
Dezhan F.
19:21 30 Oct 22
Alex was very helpful in handling my case, he is good at communicating the details, took over my case at a reasonable cost, and got it dismissed within a short period of time, and was even nice enough to cut the bill short. 5 stars
Jovan E.
23:28 26 Oct 22
This was the first time I needed a lawyer & Alex Ktenas is a beast ! From beginning to end he made the process smooth. He Informed me how everything would play out and that's exactly what happened .If you need a very talented lawyer on you're side I highly recommend him !
Zach D
15:55 21 Oct 22
Alex and his team went above and beyond from being able to respond in a timely faction to getting the best outcome I could have possibly asked for. If you’re ever in need of a good lawyer who cares Alex is the guy for you !
Nubia Rocio Guio O.
20:56 17 Oct 22
We have a great experience with Nick.He was really helpful on everything and it make our closing go so smooth.
Carlos N.
16:38 14 Oct 22
Alex is real rockstar in the courtroom. This judge had me a bit nervous, but Alex knew what do. Before I even new it, he had won the case for me. I'm recommending Ktenas DUI Lawyers to everyone. I can't thank you enough Alex.
Carlos N.
16:30 14 Oct 22
A real rockstar in the courtroom. This judge had me a bit nervous, but Alex knew what do. Before I even new it, he had won the case for me. I'm recommending Ktenas Law to everyone, especially DUI cases. I can't thank you enough Alex.
Miguel J.
00:49 13 Oct 22
Alex helped me beat my case! Alex stayed in contact with me throughout the whole case & made sure everything went smoothly. Definitely would recommend !
yogesh S.
19:00 08 Oct 22
Good attorney. Money worth here. My case was expunge and Attorney did really good job.
yogesh S.
18:55 08 Oct 22
Best lawyer. Your money worth here. Attorney do care and sincerely try very hard to win the case.
John Sintich Real E.
20:26 06 Oct 22
Alex is the best lawyer in Cook County. He is the best attorney for helping with aggravated speeding and general criminal defense in general. Alex will work to get you the best possible results in cook county court. Don't second guess it, use Alex Ktenas as your lawyer.
ayser Z.
16:46 06 Oct 22
Great guy kept me updated and made sure I was calm and professional and beat my case. If I can give 100 star review I would highly recommend Alex
Sacred H.
15:19 29 Sep 22
Nick is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He walked me through every step of the sale process with immense patience. He always welcomed my questions and answered them in layman's terms to ensure I understood. His response times and communication are excellent. He and his staff went above and beyond to ensure there were no delays in my closing. I am out of state and it was extremely difficult trying to deal with everything that needed to be done to sell my home. He and his staff ensured all of my papers were filled correctly and in a timely manner. I would happily work with him again and highly recommend him. I am eternally grateful for his assistance. Thank you Nick!
William S.
17:19 28 Sep 22
Nick and staff are very professional and attentive. Made the closing sale of my condo very easy. 5/5 would recommend their services.
Chris E.
23:48 26 Sep 22
Alex is an extremely talented lawyer at a very reasonable cost. Alex helped me get through the court process with a successful outcome, and I could not be happier with the results. I highly recommend Alex and Ktenas Law, LLC. to anyone looking for excellent service and representation
Charles Richardson (.
15:36 13 Jul 22
When I first caught the case and was falsely accused of possession of a firearm with no Foid Alex definitely break it all down to me from the beginning. I was really worried but have Alex as a lawyer definitely rest your nerves. Not only did he get my case thrown out but he was there to answer every question at anytime.
dion L.
21:50 11 Jul 22
Great people, great service, highly recommended💪
Alfonso V.
16:25 07 Jul 22
I was very satisfied with Ktenas Lawyers, services they were extremely attentive to the case & best part of all over pleased with the outcome.
Jackie B A.
04:32 28 Jun 22
After being charged with a DUI I had researched lawyers near me and called three of them before I reached out to Mr. Ktenas. The other just didn’t sit right with me. The moment I told him my story he INSTANTLY made me feel comfortable and gave me the security I needed! He is so down to earth and made this whole process a breeze. A dropped DUI with a court fee(or community service) later I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and it’s all thanks to Alex! Thank you for having my back! I would recommend him a million times!
jude Z.
01:27 23 Jun 22
10/10 recommend Alex. He was truly outstanding ! Wouldn’t have it any other way !
Ryan M.
20:34 07 Jun 22
This is the lawyer you want
Marcus B.
19:40 13 May 22
Got into an accident which wasn’t my fault at all got a no insurance ticket he got dismissed & got me court supervision paid a fine for the other ticket overall I’m glad I hired Alex he went in and got the job done certain things he would not get back to me about but I understand everybody is busy and gets back up so it’s understandable but from now on any legal trouble i get into he’s my personal lawyer now. This is a honest real review also he has the best prices around I truly recommend him
Prentis D.
15:37 06 May 22
This was my first time ever needing a lawyer. I am very pleased with the help that I received from Ktenas Law.I don’t understand the language of the law, but Alex made it very clear to me and this helped with the anxiety that I was experiencing. What could've been a $2,500 fine and possible jail time ended up being a $500 fine. Believe me, I'm not complaining.Getting started was very easy and to top it off, I was very pleased with the outcome of my case!! Big thank you!!!
Prentis D.
15:26 06 May 22
This was my first time ever needing a lawyer. I am very pleased with the help that I received from Ktenas Law.I don’t understand the language of the law, but Alex made it very clear to me and this helped with the anxiety that I was experiencing.Getting started was very easy and to top it off, I was very pleased with the outcome of my case!! Big thank you!!! Highly recommend!!!!!!!!
Dezmen C
01:32 28 Apr 22
Nick was great help in my case! Always responded whenever I had something to ask. He has the best interest in any case
Hamuel J.
23:13 07 Apr 22
Great lawyers at this law firm, so friendly and good at what they do. Alex went above and beyond for me and it made me feel so taken care of throughout the entire process from start to finish. I would highly recommend
Steve G.
23:07 07 Apr 22
I don't often write reviews but felt like I owed one to Ktenas Law for how well I was taken care of during my case. I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome in the courtroom and on top of it I was always treated with the most upmost respect by everyone at the law firm. I am very happy with the level of professional service I recieved from both Alex and Nick, very nice guys and always willing to go the extra mile. Thank you Ktenas Law!
Morgan H.
18:58 18 Mar 22
Alex did a great job helping my son. I had his personal cell phone number and he always answered my text when I had any questions. I paid a reasonable flat fee and was never asked for anything else. Alex took control of my sons situation and got him an excellent result. I would highly suggest using him for your needs.Thanks Alex
bijan V.
00:30 07 Mar 22
I found Ktenas Law based on Google Review and had a initial phone conversation with Attorney Nick Ktenas. Immediately I knew he is the attorney I should go with for my service. He and his firm were professional, responsive, good quality, and fair in pricing. He is personable, and easy to work with. He took care of every aspect of required for the service. I strongly recommend you to consider working with him and Ktenas Law firm. Good Luck.
Drww R.
01:54 02 Mar 22
Nick was so great! Bought my first house through him and was not expecting it to be that easy. Always a quick phone call away and was able to answer anything I threw at him. I was so lucky to find him and highly recommend to work with him!
Adrian B
21:54 15 Feb 22
Great experience with Nick! He assisted us in the sale of our home. He was very responsive and there for us through every step of the way!
Beverly S.
18:42 10 Feb 22
Nick handled my residential closing. He did a great job and was pleasant to work with. At closing, we went through the documents thoroughly and he addressed all the details thoroughly. He also kept in touch with me throughout the process and went the extra steps to be sure my interests were protected, asking for additional documentation and assurances as needed. Highly recommended.
Jim K
21:20 08 Feb 22
If you need a great lawyer, Alex Ktenas of Ktenas Law is the one. Alex is extremely knowledgeable, cares deeply about his clients, and knows how to get the job done!
Michael A.
22:33 07 Feb 22
If you have found yourself in a less than desirable situation, and are in need of professional representation, then look no further! Mr. Alex Ktenas possesses every skill and resource imaginable in order to rectify your situation. If you are having any apprehension towards your case, or just looking for someone to navigate your case thoroughly and responsibly, Alex is first class all the way. Let him put your fears to rest!
22:55 02 Feb 22
Working with Nick was the best decision for my family ,Great person, always there when we needed help, kind and very professional and he get job done.
Josh B.
22:39 25 Jan 22
Peter V.
21:42 25 Jan 22
Very Professional and Knowledgeable Attorney.
Sarah R.
09:49 24 Jan 22
Atty Alex was a great lawyer in my defense. Im definitely sticking with him and will refer him to everyone in need of a lawyer.
Tim R.
21:32 14 Jan 22
This was a very difficult process for me and Nick was the most reponsive and helpfull throughout. He always made me feel better about the process.
Arnisa S.
12:57 11 Jan 22
Very professional great gentlemen and has great rates and will work with you if you need a lawyer he’s the one
Paul B
16:43 10 Jan 22
Took good care representing my son in court on his speeding ticket. Very easy to work with and communicated the process clearly.
Lisa M.
16:35 10 Jan 22
Very pleased. The professional advice and service I received was incredibly helpful. In my case, when all was said and done, I ended up saving money. Thanks Gentlemen!! I appreciate you!! 😃👍🏻
Jem H.
21:15 09 Jan 22
Would recommend to anyone looking for a lawyer. Nick was very professional and helpful throughout the entire process.
Chris C.
17:12 07 Jan 22
Ktenas Law made this entire process easy for us. Not buying a home frequently raises concerns that maybe we’re not asking the right questions, or even overlooked an important aspect of the transaction. Having an experienced partner like Ktenas Law was very comforting.
Mega T.
19:05 06 Jan 22
Looking for a Traffic attorney, Alex is definitely the guy to get the job done. I called he hopped right on it. Had two tickets, for Speeding and No Registration; he had the Speeding ticket minimized so that it wouldn’t be on my MVR and the other ticket thrown out. Definitely would recommend.
Natalie B.
16:57 01 Jan 22
The lawyers at Ktenas law were very helpful! They are very knowledgeable with dui law and are very professional! If you need a Chicago dui lawyer call the Ktenas law firm !!
ItsSmoke T.
19:26 30 Dec 21
Ktenas Law represented me in my Weapons case and got me the best possible deal I could have gotten. Alex is very professional and just an honest genuine guy. i recommend Ktenas law To anyone lookin to be represented the right way
Carlos B.
17:47 08 Nov 21
LeAnne K.
16:28 04 Nov 21
Ktenas Law represented me in the sale of my house. Nick did an outstanding job on walking me through the process, staying on top of all the moving parts, and keeping me in the loop on status. I would highly recommend this firm.
Anthony S.
16:56 28 Oct 21
Great lawyer very responsive and got my DUI dropped to a wreckless driving which many lawyers said couldn’t be done glad I went with Alex, Highly recommend him.
S&R L.
17:35 27 Oct 21
Alex was very helpful in my case I recommend him to everybody I know
Nancy B.
17:10 27 Oct 21
Nick was always available, pleasant and so efficient. I appreciate how he always kept in contact during my closing and would highly recommend to anyone with their home sale.
Yasir S.
15:25 23 Oct 21
Christ S.
14:56 23 Oct 21
Mr. Ktenas is the best lawyer I've ever came into contact with. Very professional and responsive. He honestly showed concern and care towards my cases. I was facing years of imprisonment if it wasn't for Mr. Ktenas. I definitely recommend him for anyone who's for fighting a serious case or any type of case. He's better than great!
Hayley J.
14:32 23 Oct 21
Alex was such a great person to work with, he kept me up to date, always in the know, he was respectful and kind and always made me feel protected. He responds in a timely manner every time and never made me question his abilities. I would recommend Alex 1000%
Chris K.
17:39 15 Oct 21
Five star professional service!! Nicholas represented me on my first home purchase and made the experience exceptionally smooth. He always kept in contact and made sure everything was up-to-date from start to close. I will definitely be using Ktenas Law on future real estate purchases.
23:21 17 Sep 21
I personally had the best experiences having Alex as my lawyer. Alex is highly experienced and very professional. Alex was on top of my case like John Wick and on top of that we won. I honestly couldn't ask for any better.
Angela B.
22:57 11 Sep 21
Alex is a amazing lawyer. I was going through a lot of personal things and I had multiple cases. I did not know what I was going to do and I didn’t have much financially to work with at the time. He took on all my cases and worked with me. Made me feel very comfortable and at ease ! Highly recommendable. Not only did he get a lot of cases dismissed but all my felonies dropped to misdemeanors. He took on my criminal cases and my traffic/DUI. He is always respectable and gets back to me in a timely manner. I think he goes above and beyond. He has also gave me legal advice to give to my friends that are incarcerated and I’ve never had a lawyer reach out like that. He also checks on my well being which means alot. I am very happy I hired him and I would not choose anyone else!
Gino Z.
03:09 11 Sep 21
Alex helped me out at Markham courthouse with my DUI case and we beat it. He was amazing! I'd recommend him to everyone.
Nicholas B.
00:07 11 Sep 21
Calling Ktenas law will be the absolute best decision you’ll ever make in your life if you’re in any kind of trouble with the law. Trust me I would know because they saved my life by representing me in multiple charges against myself. Not only was I found not guilty on all three charges, they won me back my license the very first court appearance. Believe me when I tell you that these guys know what they’re doing. It literally was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be able to even afford a phone to write this review because I would have lost my job as well as most of the things we take for granted in our every day lives. Again, from the bottom of my heart thank you Alex and Nick for everything you guys did for me. I owe you my life.
Linda E.
14:21 30 Jul 21
I feel so fortunate to have found Ktenas Law. Mrs. Garrigus is thorough and compassionate. At a time in life where things are stressful & emotional it is wonderful to have such amazing support. Mrs. Garrigus goes above & beyond for her clients. I knew every step of the way what to expect. She made a very difficult time much easier for my family and I. If you are looking for a competent attorney who truly cares look no further. Honestly cannot say enough how grateful I am.
De’Recka G.
17:05 19 Mar 21
Ktenas law firm was very patient, understanding, and professional through my entire process. Deborah Garrigus is AWESOME!! I wholeheartedly recommend her for ANYTHING and she’s going to come out on top. In the future, if needed...I will be contacting this law firm again to represent me. I live in another state and that wasn’t a problem at all for this law firm, and I came out of court with more than what I wanted initially.
Michelle R.
19:09 24 Jan 21
I have to say this is the best firm all hands down!!! Deb was my attorney and she was phenomenal. she took her time, she was attentive, there was never a time she wasn't available, she did her research and she KNOWS HER CRAFT. I WON my case! I WILL FOREVER RECOMMEND KTENAS FAMILY LAW, an amazing team. I PROMISE if you hire KTENAS, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! THEY REALLY DO FIGHT FOR YOU.
Rogelio S.
20:15 26 Aug 20
A co-worker recommended going to see Deborah Garrigus. By far the best decision I’ve made. She is very professional, easy to communicate with, very responsive. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. I would have no problem recommending her & law firm to anyone. Once again Thank you for your help.Roger Salazar.
Vanessa V.
19:13 30 Jan 20
I highly recommend this law firm because they go above and beyond to get the job done. Their outstanding communication, and dedication speaks high volumes of what they do for you. Thanks again!
Lauren D
05:02 04 Jan 20
The absolute best people that I put my faith in! A firm that truly cares for your well being along with your family! I now call them friends. They care and fight for you! I was referred by a family friend and they were there immediately to discuss a plan of action. Deb became a second Mom to me and Alex, like another big brother. I am forever grateful for their service and also how they truly care for the health and protection of my family.
sherod C.
20:45 03 Jan 20
I needed an attorney specializing in family law for a very personal matter of serious urgency. The law office's customer service was courteous, direct, and very professional. For the most part, Deborah was my point of contact. She gave me a detailed explanation of what to expect and depending on the other party, the range of costs. Deborah was consistently timely with sending information and handling the matter thoroughly and quickly as possible. Ktenas Law sent invoices alerting me to upcoming costs and completed the action under budget. I am truly grateful for their assistance and would highly recommend their services to anyone needing an attorney.
Sonia G.
01:15 03 Jan 20
Thanks for all the help you guys gave me. I lovedHow you guys took care of my case and the price was perfect. I loved that I was able to call you guys or text at no cost. Thanks again I appreciate everything you guys did for me.
Jorge I.
23:42 02 Jan 20
They were able to do what three other lawyers were not able to do into solving my legal matters and they also have helped three of my other friends. There great at what they do! Communication was great! I felt like they really cared and were understanding.
20:34 14 Aug 19
Alex and Drew were great to me....reasonably priced and looked out for me big time...got my case dropped...definitely would recommend them anytime.
Jamaal J.
05:23 11 Aug 19
One of the most professional and honest lawyers you will ever find. He is very easy to work with and negotiable on price under the right circumstances he helped me settle my case in an orderly and satisfying way which was really helpful overall, you couldn’t ask for a better lawyer.