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Cook County is one of the most highly populated counties in Illinois, with a population of around 5 million people. The county also has many roads. Many roads and routes in a county mean that there will likely be a high accident rate in the area. Driving around Chicago, Illinois, without insurance is not only illegal, but it will highly impact you in case you happen to suffer an accident. It is a requirement in Illinois for a motor vehicle user to have at least an auto accidents insurance cover. 

Car accidents have ended up being fatal, and victims of motor vehicle accidents have ended up with serious injuries. Obtaining injuries after an accident can lead to victims taking months or weeks away from work. The financial burden can become heavy as the patient’s family continuously spends on expenses to help them get better.

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Even after recovering, it may take them a while before they fully get back on their feet and recover what they have lost physically. When you get involved in an accident where you feel that you were the aggrieved party, you may need to call a Cook County personal injury lawyer to represent you.

We want to know what happened and how we can help. Being a leading personal injury law firm in Chicago, Illinois, all we want to do is offer our clients the best and make sure that they are well represented.

Types of Cases Handled by Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury attorney helps the victim or plaintiff seek compensation after they have suffered injury or damage where another party is responsible. Most of the damages that are incurred happen due to another person’s negligence. During a personal injury case, the afflicted individual seeks compensation from the defendant because the defendant is legally responsible for causing harm to the victim.

There are different cases where you would need to call a personal injury lawyer to represent you. If you are wondering when to contact a personal injury attorney to represent you, here are some types of cases where you would need personal injury services from an experienced attorney.

If You Were In a Car Accident

Car accidents are one of the most common types of accident that leads to you calling an accident attorney to help you file a compensation claim. One of the main reasons car accidents are prevalent is that individuals did not follow the set traffic rules. They;

  • Over speeding
  • Refused to stop when the stop sign was on
  • Failed to yield and did not keep a proper lookout
  • Were busy looking over their phones or were distracted instead of concentrating on driving
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A driver is expected to conduct themselves responsibly. Negligence can be proven if the driver did not operate reasonably and failed to obey all traffic rules. If it is proven that the driver was negligent in any way, then they will be held liable.

Involvement in Other Traffic Accidents

Other traffic accidents are as well classified as personal injury cases. Some of these types of accidents are;

Cases Involving Medical Malpractice

When a healthcare worker does not provide medical care that is up to the expected standard of care, the patient can file a medical malpractice case against the hospital and seek compensation. How can a medical malpractice case be brought up against a medical provider or hospital?

  • If the healthcare provider misdiagnoses the patient
  • If surgery is conducted on the wrong body part
  • Surgery is performed on the wrong patient
  • There was a lapse in judgment
  • Administering the wrong medication
  • An anesthesiology mistake is made

There are witnesses needed in a medical malpractice case who will help prove how the care is given fell under the expected standard of care. They’ll show the care or course of action that should have been given or taken instead while providing medical treatment.

Premises Liability

Property owners are responsible for keeping their property reasonably safe and their working environment free of hazards. it is their duty of care. This is supposed to ensure that those visiting their premises do not get injured. A customer is owed a higher level of care than the person trespassing on the building or the property.

When can someone file a premises liability case?

  • If a person slips or falls while they are in a store and obtains injury or damages
  • Individuals getting attacked by criminals while on a business premises
  • If individuals cut themselves while on private property

Other cases may include intentional torts, or you can contact an attorney if you are seeking legal assistance with your case.

How to Prove Your Pain and Suffering

It is vital to get an experienced Cook County personal injury lawyer who will help you prove that you have undergone pain and suffering in the accident you suffered. Our attorneys employ different tactics and strategies to help you to prove the pain and suffering you have experienced.

Here is how we can help you prove your pain and suffering. We can show;

  • Your medical bills, together with your medical records
  • The medical prognosis you were or have been given
  • Testimony from experts and professionals
  • Psychiatric records
  • Photos taken at the accident scene or when you were in the hospital that help prove the types of injury obtained

The pain and suffering that you have undergone help in proving non-economic loss incurred. Your lawyer in Cook County, Illinois, will work with medical experts and another team of experts to help determine the type of loss the extent of loss that you have undergone.

The Three Types of Damages

Three main types of damages can be found in a personal injury claim. They are punitive damages, economic damages, and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are compensated to the victim to help them recover from the financial losses they incur due to an injury.

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Non-economic damages compared to economic damages are less tangible. It can be challenging to assign a monetary value to non-economic damages since they may be based on future losses and future medical care needed. A few factors will be weighed to calculate non-economic damages settlement.

Punitive damages can be if the defendant’s actions are considered to be criminal conduct.

Suing Your Personal Injury Attorney – Is It Possible?

It is possible to sue your attorney if you feel that they wronged you in the way they represented you in your personal injury lawsuit. So what are some of the instances where you can sue your attorney?

  • If they were negligent. This means that they made a mistake that most attorneys in their practice would not.
  • There was a breach of duty. The attorney has not done what other attorneys would do in your case. They may have lied to you, abandoned your case, didn’t prepare your case for trial, or misused the funds owed to you, among other things.
  • There is a breach of contract. If your attorney promised to do something in your contract and do not do it, you can sue them.

To avoid all these, you should look for a Cook County personal injury lawyer with a good track record and reputation. At Ktenas Injury Attorneys, we are professionals, we care, and we give it our all when it comes to representing our clients.

How to Identify a Bad Personal Injury Lawyer

You want to be safe, and you want to be sure that you are choosing the best personal injury lawyer to represent your case. Here are several warning signs that you should look out for while searching for a skilled personal injury attorney.

  • They have a poor track record
  • They give vague billings
  • Bad or unclear communication
  • They show no empathy
  • They lack passion or zest for representing their clients
  • Their behaviors are unethical
  • They show a lack of respect toward their peers

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